Birth Doula Services

Jill the Doula  - A Birth Doula in Idaho

My model of care is to provide warm and inclusion support so you can focus on bringing your baby into this world. Trained by DONA in 2013, I have attended over 50 births at hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Having supported first-time and repeat parents, unmedicated births, medicated births, VBAC parents and parents planning cesarean births, I am committed to helping you have your best birth. 

I view birth as a normal and healthy process as you bring baby into this world. I come alongside you to bring comfort and peace of mind as you go into labor and throughout the process by offering emotional and physical support, providing evidence-based information, and suggesting techniques to reduce fear and build confidence. 

I might be your doula if…….

You want an experienced and confident guide on your side

You desire a positive and supported birth experience

You value honesty and encouragement

What do I do as your birth doula?

As your birth doula, my goal is to help you feel supported, empowered, and educated during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am passionate about providing unbiased support for all birthing women and all types of birth.

Much of our work together will happen before you give birth. We’ll discuss your birth options, prepare you both physically and emotionally for the big day, and dive into how to deal with unexpected events

We’ll touch on pain management options, positions for labor, options for childbirth education including hypnosis for childbirth with Hypnobabies, and more.

Investment For Services – $750

Boise Doula Jill

A free, no-obligation interview – to make sure we’re a good match!

Two prenatal meetings together – we will discuss your birth plans and dreams, boost your confidence, and practice some techniques that may help during birth.

Support via phone/text/email from the moment you hire me
24/7 on-call availability for your labor.

Tips for optimal fetal positioning (including ‘Spinning Babies’ techniques) with the goal of having an easier labor.

Emotional, physical, and informational support.

Photos during and after your birth (if desired and it seems possible with your needs).

Support and assistance immediately after birth including helping with breastfeeding if desired.

One In-home postpartum visit to process your birth experience and check in on you.

Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula combination packages are available. Click here to learn more about how I might support you as a postpartum doula too.

Qualifications And Experience

I am a DONA trained birth doula and have been working with women during their birthing time since 2014. I have attended over 50 births as a doula in all types of settings.

I am trained in Spinning Babies techniques that I am happy to go over during our prenatal meetings together to share with you some very helpful techniques that you can do NOW, to help your body feel prepared for birth and working to getting baby into the most optimal position once labor begins. These techniques will also be very helpful during your birthing time as well.

I have attended 2 La Leche League Conferences (2014 & 2015), have been a member of La Leche League myself as a nursing mama, and have breastfed my 4 children. I am happy to talk about all things breastfeeding.

When the baby arrives, I’ll be right there if you need me to help get the baby to latch. The goal of breastfeeding support is to help you and your baby find confidence in your breastfeeding journey.